Keep Your Water Flowing

Keep Your Water Flowing

We offer water line repair services in Temple, Georgetown, Killeen, TX and surrouding areas

If you notice a sudden change in water pressure or a lack of water at your faucet, there could be a problem with your pipes. B-Tek Water Services, LLC offers water line repair services in the Temple, Texas and central Texas area to eliminate your water worries.

When there are problems on your property, it's not the responsibility of the city to determine the cause. We will:

  • Assist you with finding leaks in the water line
  • Excavate the land to locate the leak
  • Make the necessary repairs or replacement


We can replace a small section of pipe from 3/4 of an inch up to 20 inches in diameter. Call 254-624-4119 today for waste water line repair in Temple, TX and the surrounding area.


We'll get there as soon as possible

If you have a contract with us for water line services, we can offer 24-hour emergency water line repair service. We do our best to work with you even without a contract, but a contract makes you a priority for service.

Contact B-Tek Water Services today for waste water line repair in the Temple, TX and surrounding central Texas area.